Weekly Review: March 9-13

This week Myself and Husband-of-Awesome were a bit under the weather, so we pared back the school schedule to match our energy levels. You’ll see from the lack of books that I’ve had a sore throat.


Robin continued on with Miquon Maths. He enjoyed the exercises on doubling numbers and worked ahead, completing his week’s work on Wednesday. He also enjoyed having Thursday and Friday off from Maths.


Monday we did a science experiment to demonstrate sound waves. Wren and Robin used their voices to bounce pepper off a membrane. Thursday we followed it up with a rubber band stretched across a chair to demonstrate frequency, volume and pitch. Robin read Pythagorus and the Ratios aloud, again, and we discussed it in terms of the new information learned from the demonstrations. We spoke about tuning and tightening strings on an instrument, and experimented on a guitar to confirm their learning.

All this fitted in nicely with their first violin lesson, which went pretty well considering how hard they both needed to concentrate to learn something completely new.

Robin read aloud from How the Body Works about the types of joints and how they move. Both children coloured a diagram to match, and correlated the information to the actual movement of their bodies.


After beginning the year with Book One from Writing and Rhetoric we have gone back to First Language Lessons. Robin resists writing, so the exercises in Writing and Rhetoric were proving stressful to all of us. First Language Lessons is gentler, aimed at younger children, and more varied in the activities for each day. We will still follow the pattern of summary and amplification from Writing and Rhetoric with the small stories covered in First Language Lessons. This week Robin wrote our address, read and retold one story, recited the three poems he memorised from earlier lessons (last year). Wren does the First Language Lessons work too, but without writing anything down – yet.

Wren worked through the activities for one “story” in her Disney branded activity book. She traced some words, did some sounding out and matched the pictures to the sentences. She narrated her own story which I wrote into her book, then she traced those words too. She traced our address also. Wren’s always had a lisp (‘th’ for ‘s’), so she and Husband-of-Awesome have been practicing ‘s’ sounds very deliberately all week. They’ve been looking for the different sounds in printed words too.

In God’s Great Covenant we started the review section for the unit we’ve finally completed on the Patriarchs. Robin read aloud Psalm 105 (clearly and noting the punctuation). He filled in the worksheet, mainly from memory, with some looking up the answers. Wren and I worked though the worksheet verbally and her recall was quite good too.

Robin spent a good portion of the week reading Thunderbirds comics to himself. He also read Heart of the Tiger and The Last Viking to Wren (her current favourites).

We had intended a visit to the local Library after lunch on Friday, but didn’t finish Friday’s school work on time. We’ll attempt it again next week in order to begin the Premier’s Reading Challenge.


We watched 3 episodes of History Hunters on iView (Romans, Vikings and Ancient China). Robin wrote his Latin classroom instructions into his day-book.

Creative and Practical Arts:

As mentioned above, Robin and Wren had their first violin lesson. They chit-chatted their teacher’s ears off, but still managed to do the lesson. We’ve been listening to the CD, practicing moving from resting position to playing position, making “bunny hands” in preparation for learning to hold the bow and I’ve been practicing getting the violin correctly installed on those little shoulders.

As the last piece of painting the children did was to colour in Van Gogh’s Sunflowers with paint, I thought we’d follow it up with Starry Night. Robin was happy to paint using only black and blue paint on yellow paper, and his work retained some of the features of the original – swirly paint and the town, tree and stars in similar positions. Wren was having none of that. She prefers Vermeer and made her own version of Girl with the Pearl Earring. She sketched it first with me guiding her to look for the shapes to build up the image. Then painted the clothes, eyes and blue scarf. After that she rained crazy grey paint over the whole thing, so just the eyes are peeping through.


Swimming Lessons as per usual.

We talked about resting when you’re ill and taking care of each other. We had a review of the safety talk about medicines and discussed why some medicines are ok for adults but not for children and why different sized bodies require different doses. We reviewed different kinds of medicines (preventative eg immunisations, long-term eg insulin taken for diabetes, and occasional eg antibiotics or cold & flu medicine), and some of the conditions associated with medicine use (eg: throat infection, fever, diabetes).

Both children have come down with fevers and mucus today, so school will be reduced further next week. At least I have my voice back, so we can read some books together. I’m predicting a few days of resting, possibly augmented by iView & SBS-OnDemand.

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