Adapting as an educator

Setting out to document Robin and Wren’s journey online as part of documenting and sharing how we home educate with anyone that wanted to know what we do and how we do it, was the purpose of this site.

Over the last few months, ramping Wren’s home education up and finding a new balance has made it difficult to keep this site up to date. The plan is to keep adding information here, tracking what we’ve done and how we’ve gone about doing it. It might be a longer between posts as we continue to find the new balance.

As a general update: We’ve been working through the curriculum to get a good blend to support Robin’s Year 2 work and Wren’s Year 1 work, this has involved pulling back in some area (parking Writing and Rhetoric and going back to First Language lessons) and pushing in others (getting Robin to read at a level that is challenging to him).IMG_2601

The learning outcomes for Year 2 will be up soon, and I’ll also add some of the motivational tricks we’ve used with Robin to get him through the work, especially on days he doesn’t want to.

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