Weekly Review: 20th – 24th April

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This week was husband-of-awesome’s week off work. So whilst schooling was much of the same, this write-up will be a little more concise than usual. Schooling consisted of maths, handwriting, the premiers reading challenge, preparation for our close friends’ wedding, sorting and donating of clothes and toys to salvos, continued reinforcing of the need for household chores and making soap.

With the storms in Sydney we also looked at weather maps and isobars and how they move to allow weather prediction. Watched “Earth” DVD and the original Annie (including the making of, there was a lot of rain). This was also a time of involving the Robin and Wren in household repairs, plumbing (clogged drains), guttering (overflowing and flooding) and bathroom/shower waterproofing.

Finally we did make it our to violin and swimming. At swimming Robin was praised for staying focused and having a great lesson; of course that led to a lot of questions on what he needed to do to move to the next class, etc.

All-in-all, a very busy week.

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