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Getting it together. Magically tidy

Washing Machine Fairy
Washing Machine Fairy

This year Husband-of-awesome andI will have been dating for 20 years, of that, we’ve only been married for 15. In all this time, we’ve moved house just once. When we bought our first home we moved in with practically nothing; everything we needed was donated and delivered by others, or we bought it and the stores delivered it. After 8 years we sold, bought a new place and actually “moved house”. Since then we’ve had two children and built a homeschool library and we’ve ended up with a tonne of stuff.

I must have read a zillion articles about how “life is messy” or how cleaning a little every day keeps things under control or that having cleaning routines will give you more time for other things. I haven’t really been convinced by any of them. The issue is thatI hate cleaning and I hate mess, and I resent looking after things I just don’t care about.

So I started with my wardrobe. For the last 18 months I’ve been editing, pruning, donating, testing: searching for items that feel like “me” and look “put together” and a bit professional. I’ve been weeding out the “fast fashion” and investing in “keepers”.

Once the collection was complete I revisited the website at project333 intending to break my wardrobe into 2 capsules wardrobe (Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter) with some backup favourites to “shove” back in later. But the thought of all that “shopping and swapping” was exhausting and I’d still own more items that I could recall.

Husband-of-awesome came to the rescue. He bought me Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing for my birthday. The gist of it is to keep only those things that “bring you joy” and to thank the rest for their hard work and set them free. This is the magic. I set to work immediately. So far, my wardrobe and the childrens’ drawers are sparse and neat. I’ve even seen Wren peaking at her stuff like she’s trying to steal chocolates from the box / choose chocolates at Koko BlackOur lounge room, however, looks like a documentary about hoarders from all the purged stuff I still need to sort into donatesell and rubbish. I nearly can’t be bothered with the sell because the items won’t be immediately gone, but I will get it done as there are pieces that have retained their value and are in excellent condition.

Following Marie Kondo’s method, we should do the books next, but I ‘m preparing for that by conquering the bathroom cupboard. Gone are the product samples, expired anything, decayed perfumes and excess packaging. Anything left has been sorted by type and housed in plastic drawers repurposed from the office and library. Previously everything was randomly dumped in a big plastic box after Wren flooded the sink: big I’ll just chuck the ruined stuff out, should there be another flood.

Books will be hard to prune. Even the ones not in regular use are highly regarded or may be back in circulation as the children mature. But , there are “confutable” type books and old magazines that have survived previous pruning as the are beautiful, even if unused I think it’s time to thank them for the job they’ve done and set them free, or send them to their doom. It will also mean that all the books living in baskets can fit on proper shelves and not just get trashed or take up floor space.

The real challenge will be having the dwelling operational next week for school, Bible study and other activities (like making Wren’s frock for our friends’ wedding).

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